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What Customer Success Managers do?

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

I was asked to explain what Customer Success Managers do exactly?

Well, it truly depends on who you ask this question….

If you ask the Customer - Most likely, they will say that Customer Success Manager helps them (mainly) with onboarding and implementation, resolving difficult issues, improving the product adoption, and act as the main focal point (advocate, voice) within the organization the CSM works for.

If you ask the CSM Employer - Most probably, they will say the Customer Success Manager helps to show the Value of the customer investment in them. Value (to some extent) is translated to things such as Renewal, Churn, Attrition, Retention and basically Revenue.

If you ask the Account team (sales, product, marketing and so on) working with CSM, they will say, that the CSM helps to "keep everything calm & quiet" - meaning, CSM is dealing with everything (the good and the bad) besides Selling (for example), and by that, he gives "quiet" to the Sales team to focus on selling and increase the company revenue, growth and so on.

However, if you ask a CSM, what do you do?, most likely, the CSM will say he\she is building a Relationship with the customer, and obviously. building a relationship is not something that happens over night.
It takes time + investment + blood + wine + anger + trust + doubt + happiness + successes + failures + ups and down + (well, you got the point) …. like any kind of a relationship.
This is our expertise! This is what we do from dusk till dawn! This is our bread and butter (some more superlatives will be welcomed :)

So if the CSM is mainly building a Relationship - how can we measure it?

That folks is a great question….
I will try to answer it in the next post.

Stay Tuned :)


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