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Don't be afraid from crises - on the contrary!

In my previous post I ended it with a statement that Customer Success managers should not be afraid from crises - on the contrary...
so, in this post I will try to explain what stands behind this statement...

We all face crises, both in our personal and business life, some crises are bearable and some not, some find it difficult to overcome, and from others we "rise like a Phoenix". This is life!

I consider myself a sensitive person (some might argue with me on that 😉 ), and as a result, I tend to get emotionally overwhelmed when faced with a crisis, questioning how I could have avoided it.

However, during the years, and especially since I become a Customer Success Manager, I begun to understand that Crises are not always a bad thing...
In fact, they can be some of the most valuable opportunities for businesses and CSMs to demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and build stronger, more loyal relationships.

When customers encounter issues with your product or service, they often feel frustrated, disappointed, and may even consider looking for alternative solutions. However, it is during these moments of crisis that CSMs have the chance to step up and show customers that they are truly committed to their success.
By responding quickly and effectively to customer concerns, keep them updated, be proactive, CSMs can not only help resolving the issue at hand but also demonstrate their willingness to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. In these time CSMs show their real Value !!!
This can lead to increased trust, loyalty, and advocacy from customers who feel heard and valued.
Of course this has a direct impact on the business as well.

So dear CSMs, crises with customers are not something to be feared but embraced as opportunities to demonstrate your Value and show what you made of!!

And If I may be a little philosophical - the current Crises in Israel with the new legal reform (or the legal coup) is also an opportunity to build the foundation for the next 75 years...

See you in the next post...

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