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Elevate your customer success with our service that provides you with a dedicated outsourcing customer success manager, working closely with your team to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue, while proactively managing customer onboarding, relationships, and health.


  • On-Site/Remote/Hybrid Success Manager (recommended: Hybrid)

  • Supported languages: English/Hebrew


Outsourcing Method

  • Project-Based (30 monthly hours, 40 monthly hours, 50 monthly hours and further packages) *

* Our packages are customizable to meet your specific needs and requirements.


Service Offerings

The Customer Success Manager As-a-Service offering can cover a range of topics, including:​

  • Develop and execute customer success strategies to increase customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue.

  • Manage customer onboarding and training to ensure successful adoption of products or services.

  • Establish and maintain relationships with customers, providing proactive support and identifying opportunities for upselling or cross-selling.

  • Monitor customer health and usage patterns to identify potential issues and proactively address them.

  • Analyze customer feedback and data to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including sales and product development, to align customer success strategies with business goals.

  • Use customer success metrics and KPIs to track performance and report to stakeholders.

  • Provide regular communication and reporting to clients on customer success initiatives and progress.

  • Continuously improve and refine customer success strategies and processes based on data-driven insights and feedback.

  • Assisting with the end-to-end recruitment of permanent Customer Success managers, including role definition, candidate screening, and onboarding support.



  • Rapidly deliver customer success services, eliminating the time required to train and onboard junior employees.

  • Reduce Costs associated with hiring, training, and managing dedicated CSM professionals.

  • Streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency

  • Provide scalability and flexibility to meet changing customer demands.

  • Increase customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue through the development and execution of effective customer success strategies.

  • Ensure successful onboarding and adoption of products or services, and establish and maintain positive customer relationships that lead to upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Proactively monitor customer health and usage patterns, analyze feedback and data, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and continuously improve processes to align with business goals and drive growth.



  • A leader or executive who is engaged and committed to a successful outcome 


Expected Outcome

  • Increased customer retention rates.

  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Higher customer lifetime value.

  • Reduced customer churn.

  • Enhanced customer onboarding and adoption.

  • Proactive identification and mitigation of customer risks.

  • Effective upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

  • Streamlined customer success processes and workflows.

  • Data-driven insights and analytics for decision-making.

  • Alignment of customer success strategies with business objectives.

  • Increased customer advocacy and referrals.

  • Strengthened customer relationships and trust.

  • Efficient customer communication and engagement.

  • Standardized playbooks and best practices.

  • Continuous improvement of customer success initiatives.

  • Scalability and flexibility in adapting to changing customer needs.

  • Proven methodologies and frameworks for driving customer success.

  • Access to experienced customer success professionals and expertise.

  • Measurable and trackable customer success metrics and KPIs.

  • Lower support costs through proactive customer management.

  • Successful recruitment of qualified Customer Success managers, ensuring a smooth and efficient process from role definition to onboarding

Business Meeting

Get access to our experienced customer success managers and take your customer satisfaction, retention, and revenue to new heights. 

 for our Customer Success Manager As-a-Service now!

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